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The average Japanese burns 100 more calories per
day than the average American thru their lifestyle.

The Japanese: The popular perception that the people of Japan control their weight through diet has a lot of merit. Their diet, rich in fresh fish and vegetables, is very healthy, but any diet can be picked apart and the high levels of sodium the Japanese consume would be an obvious place to start. On the other hand their national obsession with eating only until they are 80% full solves a lot of problems because even the highly disciplined Japanese fall off the wagon once in awhile. There may be fewer overweight people in Japan than in most other countries, but that doesn't mean there are no overweight people in Japan. One study we respect adds a basic lifestyle factor into the equation. This often overlooked common sense aspect of the Japanese culture illustrates how even small differences in lifestyle can produce large changes over time.

Japanese cities are arguably the most densely populated in the world making it difficult to move around even by bus or taxi, let alone getting in their car. The Japanese walk almost everywhere they go just to avoid the congestion. A recent study using a Pedometer found the average Japanese takes 2,000 more steps per day than the average American, which equates to burning 100 calories more per day as a part of their basic Lifestyle. 100 Calories per day is 10 pounds a year, in 3 years that's 30 pounds, in 5 years it is 50 pounds. Do you still think the only reason there are less overweight people living in Japan than there are in America is because they eat more Fish?

There are many factors involved in body management and weight control. It would be irresponsible to ignore genetics, nutrition and even Thermogenics are almost certainly involved. We'll let others advise you on nutrition, our focus is on your engine not the fuel. In our opinion learning how to manage your metabolism will produce the best weight control results for most people. Our research involves several health and longevity studies on numerous subjects involving virtually every country in the world.

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