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Use this Website if you are ready to Learn the Truth About Weight Loss. How much you weigh is Mathematics and your Body does those calculations, not you. If you want to understand the numbers and how they apply to you welcome aboard.


Studying the health of different cultures as we have for so many years has revealed one very important truth, we're like "snowflakes," we are remarkably similar in many ways and yet none of us is exactly alike. We do have one thing in common many people refuse to believe and that is while some countries are "fatter" than others there are overweight people and fit people in all countries and the foods they eat are often completely different. For those of you that are searching for a "World Diet" I can save you a lot of trouble...rice and beans is as close as you're going to get. In our opinion, it is a far more useful exercise to observe the total behavior of a given society to learn how they manage their weight, rather than attempting to understand everything they eat. In most parts of the world, what people eat is largely dependent upon what's available for them to eat. If they live near the sea they eat more fish...but that doesn't mean they never fry their fish in oil or butter, or never consume sugar. Food is part of their culture and they eat it...some are fat, some are thin. The difference between the two is how much of it they eat and how well they process it, not whether they consume it at all.

France without rich sauce and cheese is not France. The "Smorgasbord-Buffet " was invented in Sweden and a Swede who doesn't like meatballs is not a Swede. Without cheeseburgers America would cease to exist, but that doesn't mean American's eat nothing but cheeseburgers. An Italian who never eats pizza is not an Italian. A Brit who never consumes fish and chips or steak and kidney pie is not a Brit. An Armenian who rejects Khorovats (BBQ) or Dolma is not an Armenian...and on and on. It's not a crime to enjoy the foods of your is part of life too. How much food you consume is what determines your weight...but as we learned from The Amish studies it is net calories that matter. Eating healthy nutritious food should be your goal, but celebrating the food of your culture isn't a crime, it is part of life too.

Calorie Consumption data from around the world should be viewed with caution. The formula's used involve totaling the amount of food produced and purchased, less an estimate of waste and a host of other hard to measure variables. Some sources produce numbers that are way too high or most of us wouldn't fit in our cars. Others sources offer estimates that are clearly too low. Activity levels are easier to measure because the studies are easier to manage, but they aren't perfect either in every respect. We prefer to use data everyone can understand and that fits the known lifestyle of the people in the country being studied. Japan is a great example of a country that uses diet and lifestyle to manage their BMR to control their weight. A MESSAGE FROM JAPAN