Work With Your Body Not Against It

Teach Your Body What You Want It To Do

Let Your Activity Determine How Much Fuel You Need

Use this Website if you are ready to Learn the Truth About Weight Loss. How much you weigh is Mathematics and your Body does those calculations, not you. If you want to understand the numbers and how they apply to you welcome aboard.



Serious Research by qualified professionals is serious business. It involves an enormous amount of time just to find the right sources, check them for accuracy, capture the data, and organize it so it can be reviewed and analyzed. Most of the time you end up with pieces of information which often means the biggest challenge is to "connect the dots" before you can draw any meaningful conclusions. And then you have to review what has already been said on the subject and decide who, if anyone, you can believe.

Once you' have your own opinion the biggest challenge is explaining your findings in ways that can be understood by enough people to make the time and money you've invested worth the effort. And if you perform this task well the final result will often appear as though there wasn't much effort involved at all. We urge you to avoid drawing that conclusion because it isn't true..,this is a serious project, substantial time and resources were involved and the message is clear. How Many Calories You BURN Does Matter!

Serious research is expensive, if you have benefited from what our effort has provided we would deeply appreciate your support. Thank You!

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