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Let Your Activity Determine How Much Fuel You Need

Use this Website if you are ready to Learn the Truth About Weight Loss. How much you weigh is Mathematics and your Body does those calculations, not you. If you want to understand the numbers and how they apply to you welcome aboard.


A Bear is an Omnivore and so are you!

I've got "Bad News" for you Bear Lovers out there. A Bear is an Omnivore which means it can eat pretty much whatever it wants as long as it doesn't OD on too much bad stuff and gets enough variety it will get along just fine. So, if you think as long as you stay away from "Mamma Grizzlies" protecting their cubs that you have nothing to worry about, you might want to think again. If a Bear is hungry the Bear is going to eat you, without regard to whatever nutrients it thinks you might provide. It's not going to turn up it's nose at what's in your picnic basket because the contents contain too much sodium either and your garbage can is fair game as well. You are an Omnivore too and that means you are an efficient food processing machine. The fact that you process some foods better than others is a detail, not something to lose sleep over. If it were we wouldn't be able to reduce all the complexity of food into a single number that gives us the total energy the body can extract from it---the Calorie.

Oh no..."another calorie counter diet, I've tried that before and it doesn't work, I don't have time to look all that stuff up." Give me a break. You won't look up the calories and you're worried about the nutrients? What kind of calculator are you using? Of course you have to look a few things up if you want to lose weight, either that or learn how to read the label...but I'm not the one telling you that. It's your body talking to you not me. It processes the food you give it, you decide what and how much you consume. If you are a male, 40 years old, 72 inches tall, have an inactive lifestyle and you weigh 250 pounds then you are giving your body 2,748 calories a day to process. Some days a bit more, some days a bit less, but that's your number if you want to maintain that weight...much more to come on how this works later. For now just remember this...don't blame your body if you don't like what you weigh, it's just doing what you asked it to do. You decide, it responds...remember that as you use the tools on this Site. You might also want to read the recent science on the Amish studies for more information regarding how they control their weight through physical activity. We are big believers in sound nutrition, but without physical activity controlling your weight is much more difficult than it has to be. THE AMISH STUDIES

There are many factors involved in body management and weight control. It would be irresponsible to ignore genetics, nutrition and even Thermogenics are almost certainly involved. We'll let others advise you on nutrition, our focus is on your engine not the fuel. In our opinion learning how to manage your metabolism will produce the best weight control results for most people. Our research involves several health and longevity studies on numerous subjects involving virtually every country in the world.

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